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Sea state: too much for my blood

We made a brief stop just south of Groton this afternoon to exchanges some personnel and pick up some supplies. The stop had originally been scheduled for this morning, but we had to postpone it several hours. When surfaced last night, the swells were of such great height that we couldn't justify the lengthy transit in. We dove, tried again this morning, and the seas had subsided enough for us to achieve success.

While we were near or on the surface, the boat effectively turned into a Tilt-A-Whirl. Things were flying everywhere, proving that our "stow for sea" wasn't what it should have been. Nothing left my rack, but many others weren't so fortunate. Even though my equipment suffered no damage, I still was precluded from sleeping. I have a top rack, and there are no straps to prevent me from falling out should we take a particularly big roll. So I had to spend a couple of hours last night making absolutely sure I wouldn't fall six feet onto the deck. I don't know of anyone who took such a spill, but something funnier did happen to those in the bottom racks in my berthing. Those bunks aren't bolted down, and the entire pan that holds the mattress was sliding from side to side. In one case, a guy was sleeping in the rack as it slid, completely oblivious to what was happening around him.

I'm also pleased to report that I did not vomit, nor was I ever in serious danger of doing so. Apparently, my body has adapted to the rocking and rolling better than others. I did puke from seasickness once, back in 2006, but it really hasn't affected me since then. Many others did throw up, including one who did so all over the front of his coveralls. Most of the watchstanders had bags at the ready, just in case a sudden urge was felt.

I never thought there'd be a situation where I'd want to be submerged well beneath the sea, but the last twenty-four hours have conclusively proven me wrong on that. Thankfully, half a year from now, I'll have the option to simply avoid such rough seas on any marine vessel in which I might embark.
Tags: close calls, insanity, memphis

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