Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

Dispatches from the Deep: October 22, 2008

Time keeps clicking along here on the Submersible Death Trap, as we work into more and more advanced drills. I had a set run on me today, and I did all right, despite making some errors I shouldn't have. Tomorrow promises to be a long day. As for the admin, it's coming along. I'm fortunate that the previous Logroom Yeoman is aboard as a rider; without his assistance, the probability of me snapping would be much higher. I've already promised to reward his work with a quantity of Yuengling the next time I'm in a place that sells it.

As the World Series opens tonight, I reflect on the fact that I'm missing a most unlikely matchup, given expectations at the outset of the season. If you had picked Rays vs. Phillies, then you have some kind of gift that I lack. Neither of these teams is experienced on this stage, so that's a wash. I think Tampa Bay has something special this year. They also survived a tough test against the defending champions. Rest isn't necessarily a positive factor - look at what happened to the Rockies last year. Much as the Mets did nearly forty years ago, I think they're going to ride their momentum to the championship. Though the series will be over and done with by the time this gets posted, I predict the Rays win in six games.

Just under 5,000 hours to go. It's now less than half a year until I expect to go on terminal leave, and thus step off Memphis for the last time. As sweet as it sounds, it's not nearly as tangible as the upcoming inspection. Back to the grind...
Tags: memphis, navy hate, sports

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