Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

now that that's behind me...

...I can focus on the important stuff. Alas, I'm not speaking of having gotten past the ORSE; that's still visible through the front windshield.This morning, all our personnel eligible to advance to Petty Officer First Class took the advancement examination. Due to some unforeseen complications, we didn't get to take the test during the normal period, so substitute exams had to be ordered and administered. Personally, I think I did pretty well; I'm quite confident that inside of a month, I'll be referred to as ET1(SS) Carberry.

But that really isn't the important factor. Once the advancement results are released by the Navy, everyone who made rank gets to put it on, and takes on the added responsibilities. We call this "frocking." Getting paid, however, is an entirely different matter. That wouldn't happen until sometime after the New Year, potentially as late as June. And if you follow this chronicle closely, you can figure that the later date would be something of a problem, as it's after I separate. I don't expect that to be the case. As for my outlook on my job - well, I explained that here last month, so I simply refer back to that post.

While the ORSE does loom on the near horizon, its crushing impact is mitigated by the thought that it really will get easier after that. I can start to shift significant time and effort to setting myself up for the post-Navy life. The mere thought of such things is a refreshing one.
Tags: college take two, memphis, navy hate

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