Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

Crisis averted!

A most unfortunate condition threatened to throw a serious wrench into our ORSE preparation. At some point last night, it was believed that there was no wax on board. This would have left our decks looking worse than the inside of a sanitary tank, and would not have made a good impression on the Nuclear Propulsion Examination Board. Most thankfully, some wax was located, and various personnel junior to yours truly can proceed with the task of deck recovery. I have more pressing concerns, like potentially going blind on paperwork, and not going blind (or to sleep) during the one-third of my time spent in front of the control panel.

I got an e-mail from Mom last night; it seems that three weeks without blog activity is a telltale sign that I'm not so much around. There were sports and family updates; everyone seems to be doing well back at my ancestral home, and the Giants are doing quite well at six and one. This is an important comfort, for two independent reasons. One, the Islanders are stinking up the National Hockey League again; they're already 2-5-0, and I don't see it looking up. Two, a Philadelphia sports team is on the verge of winning a championship. As my associate KTpie noted, "Philly will explode if they [the Phillies] win, and it'll explode if they don't. It's a no-win situation."

For some reason, Big Navy wants my opinion! You see, every so often, the Bureau of Naval Personnel puts a "quick poll" on the Web, and randomly selects a few Sailors from each command to take it. I got the call this time, and the topic is one particularly near and dear to my heart - the new GI Bill. As I've said here many times, that piece of legislation fundamentally altered my post-Navy plans, by making it economically feasible to go back to college on Long Island while living independently of my parents. I'll have plenty to say on the subject - once I return to shore, obviously.
Tags: college take two, memphis, navy hate, nuclear power, sports

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