Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

A quick in-game update...

The Nuclear Propulsion Examination Board arrived yesterday morning, and the ORSE is on in full effect. It's far too early to say how it's going; there have been both areas of smooth sailing and some rough patches. My stuff appeared to be pretty much in order. I intend to talk much more about this ordeal (within operational security limits, of course) once I'm back ashore in Connecticut.

Whatever the outcome of this thing, I know I'm ready for us to pull in. I hope my absentee ballot is waiting for me at the New London post office, si I can get my vote in before the deadline. And I'm really hoping there are still tickets available for Sara Bareilles in Hartford on Wednesday. That show would go a long way toward de-stressing from this underway.
Tags: memphis, nuclear power, sara bareilles

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