Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

Welcome to the MAIN EVENT!

Here's the "Stossel" scoreboard as of right now, courtesy of CNN:
365 - 173

I'll update this as the night goes along...

2134 EST: It's over.
CNN just called Ohio for Obama. Given the states that are traditionally Democratic, there appears to be almost no way forward for the GOP. If Florida holds, it and California alone will give Obama the votes he heeds. The big question now is will the Democrats get to sixty in the Senate? It's not out of the question.

2200 EST: Here's a comment I left on a friend's Facebook:
"It's not just a's a true movement. I'm not on his side, but he has reinvigorated the politics of the Republic. I wish him all the best; he'll need it."

2220 EST: I can handle Obama's impending win with grace, but others are spewing the vitriol. Observe:
Barack Obama entry at ED.

2235 EST: Since this thing is effectively over, and CNN is handling that by running pure drivel, I have countered by putting on Phil Collins - Finally...The First Farewell Tour. And ironing my uniform for tomorrow. I'll come back to the coverage at some point, but my mind needs some proper stimulation.

2250 EST: A lyric from Phil on the DVD:
"I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
And I've been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord..."
I imagine Senator Obama is feeling much the same way at this hour.

2300 EST: And there it is.
"For the first time in history, a black man, Mays Gilliam Barack Obama, will be the next President of the United States of America."
Again, congratulations.
The song I was listening to on the Phil Collins DVD mirrors the actions of the throngs in Chicago's Grant Park: "Dance Into The Light."

2317 EST: New Facebook status:
Matt Carberry is quoting an old Cornell hockey chant..."it just doesn't matter!"

2330 EST: The runner-up takes the stage. And his words...are nothing less than beautiful. I expected nothing less from a Navy man. COUNTRY FIRST. God bless what Razzy calls the United States of Asskickery. And the Crimson Tide music plays him out!

2358 EST: And there he is. An equally wonderful speech from the President-elect. "It belongs to you. It belongs to you."

Wednesday, 5 November, 0040 EST: I'm signing off for the night. I'll update the electoral vote count once it's final, but you can find that anywhere. Let's all give our best to the President-elect, so he may have the strength to maintain and renew what we've (and I mean our nation) done over the last 232 years.
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