Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

Message traffic for Sunday, November 9

Some keep it straight and call it "useless bullshit." Over at Amazin' Avenue, it's "applesauce." I've chosen the term "message traffic" because on the boat, the majority of such communication received is of tangential value and may be bypassed.

If weather were chosen by taking spins on the "Press Your Luck" game board, then today's in the Armpit of New England qualifies as "big bucks." I have some pictorial evidence, from atop the I-95 bridge, to attest to this. I'd love nothing more than to take today's weather and bottle it up.

I'm implementing change three to the route of the Post-Navy Roadtrip - that is, if the PNR even goes down at all. When J. Raymond was reviewing the route on his final day on the Seacoast, he asked me why I intended to go to Redding, CA on day 32. It was simply a midpoint between Portland and San Francisco. Well, now Redding is out, and Eureka is in. A review of the log indicates that the original Great Alaska Adventure stopped at a K-Mart in that city for fifteen minutes. I wanted to not revisit the coastline so much, but that plan stays intact by avoiding California's Route 1.

With the (NFC-leading and World Champion) Giants not playing until 8:15 tonight, I was tempted to make a speed run to the other side of the Connecticut-New York border and pick up some of the deliciousness known as "Vitamin Y." I was stopped by a combination of inertia and crude economic analysis. The gas costs incurred in procuring the Yuengling simply didn't make it worthwhile to make a special trip. Of course, on my next return to my ancestral home, I intend to stock up, as well as pick up a case for my friend JoeySmash, whose help was instrumental in getting through the last underway.

Bubblehead and I both have groused about the gross misallocation of warfighting resources known as the Navy PT uniform. (TSSBP 07-08-17; TSSBP 08-04-02; tfo 08-04-03) I picked up mine last week - as promised in April, one set, not two. I do like the pocketed shorts, and also the fact that I have a set of workout gear I won't wear in any other circumstance. But the fact remains that the bright yellow shirt is ugg-lee. It remains the case that the only decent yellow shirt going today is the "maillot jaune" worn by the overall leader of the Tour de France.

Thanks to Monday being a day off for us, I got to take in The Price Is Right - and it was one hell of an episode. The first contestant on stage nails the last two numbers in the car's price to win Lucky Seven. Then he spins a dollar on the big wheel, and another in the bonus spin - that's now a total of $26,000 in cash. And in the Showcase, he gives a stellar bid to win a giant American flag, a trip to Boston, and another car. He took away almost eighty thousand American dollars in cash and prizes - one hell of a way to spend a nineteenth birthday. Watch: TPIR 08-11-03.

Speaking of days off, Tuesday is one, being Veterans Day. But two days later, another holiday of sorts will be celebrated not by me, but by many others on the boat. The dropping of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King will undoubtedly produce a new wave of (from my perspective) inane drivel. The cap may have been raised to eighty, but I'm staying strong at level zero.

And finally, I was changing the filter in my Brita pitcher last night, and as I looked at the back of the box of replacement filters, I broke down laughing. Unfortunately, I can't say at all why this was.
Tags: connecticut, insanity, navy hate, road trips, tv, world of warcraft, yuengling

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