Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

Message traffic for Tuesday, November 11

It seems totally counterintuitive, but here's a PROTIP for your car: use the A/C to defrost. This probably is common knowledge, but I didn't learn it until last week, and it came in handy this morning.

Austin, Texas is a city I would very much like to visit some day; in fact, any tour of Texas would require the inclusion of its capital. It's the home of Lance Armstrong, the University of Texas (and all the associated sights), the reputedly legendary Sixth Street, and a hotbed of live music. But are Austinites trying to change that last aspect? Michael F. Cannon argues so at Cato-at-liberty today. This post is clearly win due to the inclusion of the infamous "More Cowbell" skit from Saturday Night Live.

Also today at Cato, Michael D. Tanner reminds us that the change Americans want may not necessarily be that which they voted for last Tuesday. In a commentary at CNN, South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford says the same thing. Sound familiar? It certainly does to me.

Possibly later tonight: something on the meaning of today, and a "big mistake" out west. But now I am going to see Role Models.
Tags: comedy, music, politics

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