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So I'm finally going to get a taste of what so many of my friends (among them Chips, Jacob, and Rico) have experienced in the band. But for me, it will be in the WVBR realm. I'm running for Sports Director. Like my amigos, I'm an outside challenger for the position. I have this funny feeling that Jon Meer, current holder of the Director's Bat, has already anointed Josh Novikoff as his successor, at least in his head. Fortunately for me, Smacky can't make his case in person, as he's in Denmark this semester. I think I can make it work though. It would mean saying goodbye to band for the duration of my term, to do the amount of coverage necessary. Pep band would be hard to give up. Not so for marching band, which I pretty much gave up halfway through the semester. I'm ready. I want this. I want to be Sports Director possibly more than anything I've wanted, at least since I've been at Cornell. Right now it just edges out actually getting back into Cornell among things I want. Only by a nose, though. I won't be disappointed if I don't get it though - I've still got plenty to look forward to either way.

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