Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

It's Veterans Day...

On this anniversary of the armistice that that ended World War I, we take time to remember and give thanks for the service of all who have put on the uniform and fought for our country and its freedom. Lexington and Concord. Saratoga. New Orleans. Antietam and Gettysburg. Manila Bay. Nancy and the Argonne. Pearl Harbor, Leyte Gulf, and Normandy. Pusan. Khe Sanh. Kuwait City and 73 Easting. Always there and always ready...and that's why we're still running the freedom game, 232 years on.

So when you're supposed to be on the receiving end of the gratitude, who do you thank? It's an easier answer than you think. I'm sitting here in a comfortable apartment in Connecticut, watching a DVD and typing this out. Many of my brethren are nowhere near as fortunate. We have forces stationed around the world, many of them on extended assignments away from their families. They're the ones most deserving of our praise tonight. Especially close to my heart are all the Sailors - in particular, the submariners - who are deployed around the globe on the high seas. I want to remind them all that whether they're in a combat zone, support role, or some other station, they will eventually come home to this land we love - and to thank them for giving so much of their freedom so we all may enjoy our own.

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