Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

Message traffic for Monday, November 17

There's only one way to properly kick this off...happy V-E* Day, Razzy! Virology's leading lady is celebrating thirty years of doing it for the lulz, through useless bullshit. And she's made a major change to ring in her fourth decade. Personally, I like it.

In other NYC news, a twinge of jealousy graced my brain on Friday evening, upon learning that ThePublicist was at the Out 100 gala. This might not be notable to many, but it piqued my interest because it was emceed by tfo-certified HOT PIECE Chelsea Handler.

Let's stay with the theme of "things I'd love to have been at, but wasn't," and shift a couple of counties to the east. Kristen and the Noise, undoubtedly still celebrating the Phillies' championship, made their first appearance on Long Island in several months, playing both Nutty Irishman locations. It's been too long since I last took them in, but that run will be reversed soon, if for no other reason that I'm probably moving back to Long Island after leaving the Seagoing Military Force.

I want to share a piece of technology that could easily be appropriated for purposes other than those for which it was intended. From the Brown Daily Herald comes the story of a way to undress someone electronically. The medical possibilities are promising, but might we see this in the next generation of RedTube? (link NSFW)

Double fail on the weekend diversions. I didn't get to a showing of Quantum of Solace, and I failed to locate the book I desired. On the other hand, my registration has arrived at my ancestral home and is en route to the New Nexus of Hate.

* Vagina-Ejection Day...I assure you, her words, not mine.
Tags: books, chelsea handler, kristen and the noise, long island, movies, new york city, razzy, sex

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