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Yes, it finally happened. Around 11:30 yesterday morning, the CO came on the 1MC and announced the names of those who are movin' on up a paygrade. And as I've been expecting all along, my name was among those called. The congratulations were free-flowing about the Submersible Death Trap, especially in the aft end, where a significant majority of those who took exams made rate. They also came from J. Raymond in Saratoga, and LevelSeventy (on leave in Tampa) - in the latter case, about five minutes after I updated my Facebook status. A slight surprise came today, when I got the breakdown of how I did...and discovered I was in the 97th percentile. This makes it nearly certain I'll actually receive the money for this advancement (most likely in January) before I separate.

Of course, the Navy is a fundamentally bass-ackwards organization, from which our "frocking" tradition comes. On Monday, I'll put on the insignia, and have all the additional responsibilities, but not for months will I see the true benefits. And for some, like BilgeMonkey, it could be the middle of next year before the bump in bucks shows up.

My feelings on this event are well documented in the tfo space (5 Mar 08 | 20 Sep 08 | 26 Oct 08). To throw you another Sailor's view, I'll link to what Jim at FEWL.NET wrote after he made PO1 off the last exam cycle.

As I've said countless times before, my life's overall course is "steady as she goes." There's some irony in the timing of the advancement announcement. For one, it came six months to the day before I get out. And for two, it came on the same day as my "PRD notification message" arrived. It's a reminder from the Navy Personnel Command that I have six months until transfer and am not under orders, so I either need to talk to the detailer or have the boat tell BUPERS I'm separating. (You all know which is the applicable option.) But it also spurred a renewed press to get me to stay in. There was communication from high levels yesterday, assuring me that my every desire for shore duty could be met, and that it's easier to roll to CIVFOR from shore than from sea, and that the economy is deep in the toilet right now. None of it matters. The path is clear, true, and unchanged...and in fact, the higher pay after the turn of the year is that much more of a hedge against financial difficulty.

That's enough doom, gloom, and hate for now. Hooray for me, and for the other new PO1's on Memphis - BilgeMonkey, PotO'Gold, SafariMaster, and TheGuy. Winners are us!
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