Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

stranded and at the mercy of others...again...

Simultaneous to the news of my being advanced in rate was yet another vehicular issue. This time, it was the starter. When I went to leave for work on Wednesday morning, the Blue Trooper simply wouldn't fire up, even though its battery indicated plenty of juice. I had to have somebody come pick me up, and bring me home yesterday, and bring me to and from work today. I got the car in for repair yesterday, and it was turned around in just about twenty-four hours. So despite another relatively small chink in the financial armor, my ride is restored to functionality.

The convergence of auto mishaps must be some combination of karma and poetic justice. Since the Submersible Death Trap returned to the Armpit of New England six months ago, this is the fourth incident reducing my vehicle from full status (three with the Minivan o' War, including the one that killed it, and now this one). In contrast, prior to May, it had been fifteen months since I'd had any major work done on my car - a stretch that included the whole of my time in Portsmouth. I simply hope this is the last one for a while. Like I said, four in six months - and that doesn't account for all the time the Blue Trooper sat idle while we were underway...
Tags: blue trooper, insanity, minivan o' war

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