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I guess this qualifies as "new and exciting"...

I was sound asleep on Monday night when something jarred me awake around a quarter to two. The first thing I heard was in incessant blaring sound, kind of like a car horn. That was soon joined by someone screaming, over and over again, the words "WHAT THE FUCK?" And not long after that, a new and unsettling sound visited upon my ears - a loud popping, about once every minute to ninety seconds. As I laid there in my bed, my first thought was indeed that of gunfire. I had no idea why anybody would be shooting anything. New London may not be the best place to live, or even a great one, but the part where my apartment complex is located isn't exactly a ghetto.

I tried to resume sleeping, but to no avail, as I heard the twin sirens of fire trucks and police cars. They gradually get louder, until I finally get up and wonder what the hell is going on out there. As I look down onto Hawthorne Drive, I see two NLPD cruisers, followed shortly by the arrival of a fire truck. And then a quick glance up reveals the source of all the commotion - a rather large fire; at least one apartment was likely completely engulfed in flames. I assess the situation thusly: the burning building is downhill, and about 200 feet away; the fire department is on scene; nobody is ordering me out of my building. Decision: I'm going back to bed.

It made for a kind of funny story at work yesterday and today...especially the part about the possibility of flying bullets.

* Nearly every time I speak to my mother, she leads with the question "so what's new and exciting in your life?" This is a pet peeve, not only because it's the exact same verbiage, but also because on the majority of occasions, the answer is "nothing."
Tags: connecticut, insanity

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