Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

You know, I'm a sports fan too...

...and there is much in that realm to speak of this Sunday evening.

Giants: Washington decided to stuff the box to take away the rush as an option for Big Blue, so Eli Manning steps up and goes 21-for-34 for 305 yards. The 23-7 win pushes New York to 11-1 ahead of two more division games (Philadelphia at home and Dallas at Texas Stadium). And the Giants still outrushed the Redskins. I love that I'm rooting for the best team in the league, without all the pressure New England had last season (thanks, Cleveland). Even more impressive is the Giants' rolling to victory without the services of Plaxico Burress. Hmmm...

Ah, yes, Plaxico. What a 2008 it's been for number seventeen. Less than ten months removed from catching the pass that won his team the title, he goes and shoots himself at a nightclub in New York City. At this point, I would have abso-tively no problem with cutting him. These last two weeks have shown that his output can be replaced in the lineup. As the announcers said this afternoon, when Domenik Hixon gets reps in practice, it shows on Sunday. I raised both an eyebrow and a toast to Tom Coughlin when I read Mike Lombardi's take on the coach's style (by way of The Sports Guy). Burress almost certainly won't help the team on the field any further this year. And he doesn't seem to be helping Big Blue off why waste increasingly scarce American dollars by retaining him on the roster?

Islanders: Concluded a six-games-in-nine-days stretch with a win over Ottawa; after a horrid start, the Isles are 10-12-2 and still in contention for the playoffs. I'll give even more credit to Scott Gordon and his guys if they can build a winning side with a quick, attacking style. I'm also happy to have found a blog with great coverage of everything blue and orange: Islanders Point Blank, by the team's former VP of media relations, Chris Botta.

Cornell hockey: Did well to leave Grand Forks, North Dakota with a split against the Fighting Sioux. The Big Red are 5-1-2 overall and just off the ECAC lead heading into the fall exams. In contrast to the Islanders, I favor a defensive, low-scoring approach. That's the way Cornell has always won, and it's likely the way they'll have to play if they want to win within the Ivy League's scholarship restrictions.

Mets: The search for a closer to replace Billy Wagner continues, and the Amazins might land Francisco Rodriguez - by default. They seem to be the only big-market team pursuing either K-Rod or Brian Fuentes. Either would be a great option for the ninth inning - particularly, if the Mets can bring the price below $10 million per season. And as for proposals to rename the new ballpark - it should be done. While "Citi/Taxpayer Field" works, I vote for something along the lines of "Citi Field at U. S. Treasury Park."
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