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if it popped into my mind in the last half hour, you'll read about it below

Jacob will definitely have to let me borrow his book. At the Guild meeting this past Sunday, I actually got it. Effective April 1, 2002, I am Sports Director of WVBR. I follow in the footsteps of such luminaries as Keith Olbermann and Whit Watson, and possibly also Bill Pidto between them, and more recently, Justin Fox and Jonathan Meer. It wasn't until I really thought about it these last few days that I realized what an unbelievable job Jon has done these past two years. He has given me a better foundation than I ever could have hoped for. Ten trainees this year, five each semester. If you had told me at the beginning of this year that we would be in that good shape, I probably would have laughed. I would have laughed very hard. As I hold the bat, I feel some sort of greater power. I may come to understand it more as my term progresses.

From another angle, I have been ecstatic these last two days. I feel as though much more often than not, the breaks have gone against me in my life. They're too numerous to mention here, but for once, I got what one SportsCenter anchor (I can't remember who right now) calls "the member's bounce."

I am rediscovering the greatness of lacrosse. The announcer for the men's games here at CU is such an Arthur Mintz wannabe. And when defenders race down the middle of the field and score - that is very cool. (I'm talking about "awesome" Ryan McClay. You had to be in the press box today to understand it.) I also got some major help from Athletic Communications on the women's game broadcast. Jeremy Hartigan is very cool.

Amanda Angel is an extremely nice person. I know C. Parkin can't stand her (or anyone on the Daily Sun sports staff, for that matter), but I think if he met her in person that attitude might change.

Placid will be great. Last go-around with the band for a long time. I'm going to make the most of it - especially if the Red win. I'm all for the Davy in three if we snare the Whitelaw (for the tenth title in school history).

Iron Chef was excellent tonight. Team Destiny didn't place, but it was still fun to watch. What wasn't fun was Johann Chau shoving a microphone in my face asking me what the Dining Ambassadors are. (Man, he was bad tonight.)

The Yale band may have an a severe annoyance, but I still must give them some props. First, for showing up, which is more than Harvard and Princeton can say. Second, they tried to get their fans pumped, despite the hostility directed toward them by the Faithful. And at least they didn't play Afro Man on Saturday night.

Proof positive that I haven't forgotten my roots - I was skimming Jacob's latest entry, and I noticed "LIE". My first thought was this: why is Jacob mentioning the Long Island Expressway in his entry? Then I read the whole sentence and saw he was talking about Orangutangs telling falsehoods. :-)

When should I go home next week, and how long should I stay there? (I'm thinking Monday morning and two days.)

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