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Yuengling - it's like Ron Burgundy's San Diego...

...drink it in, it always goes down smooth.

Leave it to me to forget something extremely germane to an entry on a specific topic. Last night's sports extravaganza came on the heels of the latest BCS standings, which had the notable side effect of sending Oklahoma to the Big 12 Championship over Texas and Texas Tech. After watching part of the Longhorns' win over Texas A&M on Thanksgiving night, I couldn't help but be struck by the prominence of two numbers: 45 and 35. In Austin and throughout the land, there might have been some sort of concerted campaign to remind us - and the poll voters - that Texas dropped the Sooners on a neutral field six weeks before. I was swayed by the argument, for a time. But then I recalled that we need to judge teams on the totality of their seasons - and thus I turned to (and updated) my trusty Z-Ratings. And the latest ones for the FBS say that Oklahoma is the best of the three teams locked atop the Big 12 South. Thus I agree with the collective decision of the pollsters and processors, that the Sooners should be playing in Kansas City. Regardless of which team advanced to face Missouri, the game to watch is in Atlanta - top-ranked Alabama and number-four Florida in the SEC championship. Basically, it's a semifinal - the winner is going to the title game. There's added significance from my view, due to the leanings of the only two E-5's remaining in my division; PrisonBreak pulls for the Tide, while LevelSeventy is a Gator partisan. We need to set up a gathering on Saturday.

Speaking of LevelSeventy, he was recounting his own visit to Long Island this weekend, and he mentioned that he and a cousin were in Northport on Friday night. A welcome triggering of memories of my ancestral home - and an ironic one, given that I was there only five hours prior.

Today was a lengthy day at work. That was followed by an annoying and traffic-filled journey up and down Connecticut Highway 85. I was searching for the UPS customer center, so I could pick up something I ordered last week. I wasn't willing to leave it without a signature, and like hell I can get time off from work during the day to take delivery. After many passes, I finally spotted the unlit sign for the center, and gained possession of one 2009 Cornell picture calendar. I have yet to mark it up properly - that is to say, write in the countdown of days remaining, from 138 down to zero.

And speaking of the countdown and related (but ultimately useless) things...happiness > 12. The rise of that number is far more likely to check the outward display of hate than anything related to me making E-6...
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