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This workday brought to you by the DJIA... was abso-tively a wild ride.

The morning was spent running the semi-annual Physical Readiness Test. This was the first one in our oh-so-lovely new Physical Training Uniform. While I did adequately on the sit-ups and push-ups, I (by my expectations) crushed the mile and a half run. Given the amount of time and effort I've put in on the treadmill over the last month, I'd have been very happy to come home in twelve minutes. It went something like this: first lap (of eleven and a half), 47 seconds, too fast. Next lap, about a minute, good. Pace still good, and I'm not slowing down? I'm still churning out sixty second laps, with two to go? And the final which I ran down one of our officers who's in much better overall shape than I. The time: 11:10, over two minutes better than the last PRT, and a new personal best. This is, most of all, a good checkpoint as I continue working up to tackle next year's Great Cow Harbor 10-Kilometer Run - a race that's still nine and a half months away.

After I showered and returned to the boat, we didn't have much to do, but we had to wait until we had the right conditions to do a particular maintenance item. It was a few hours before they presented themselves, and I kicked myself for not getting to the pass and ID office to renew my Department of Defense stickers, which expire at the end of this month. Before we could take our next data, another division didn't handle some of its requirements in a timely manner, prolonging the day for many...myself included. By the time we got all the data we could, it was 6:30, and we had to change conditions to get the last two data points. So I was let go, with instructions to return in two hours. That's right up there with being unexpectedly called back into work. I got home, but couldn't take my uniform off, couldn't get into anything prolonged, and perhaps most importantly, couldn't crack open any of the Yuengling in my fridge. Luckily, once I got back, the plant was ready, and the remainder of the maintenance was knocked out in less than twenty minutes.

That sucked in a large way. It seems to be on par with the way the rest of the week is shaping up. But even before I departed this morning, a mitigating diversion presented itself to me. I received the latest weekly bulletin from Kristen and the Noise - and I read with interest, wondering if they'd return to Long Island anytime soon. They won't, but they are at Parris in Boston for two shows this weekend. So while home awaiting my return to work, I began to run scenarios. Amtrak there and back could work, but the first train out of Boston in the morning ran at 6:40, leaving me with several hours to kill and little to kill them with. On a wing and a prayer, I decided to query the Boston Park Plaza Hotel and Towers, to see what they had on offer for Friday night. Lo and behold, a double room for $110 (after tax) - only a few American dollars more than a round-trip train ticket. Moments ago, I booked the room, sealing my plans for three days hence. I haven't seen K&TN in ten months, and their presence is one of the best possible excuses to visit Boston. Satisfaction guaranteed - if it's not, I won't get my money back, but oh well.

After-action analysis of the day: a moderate win, a somewhat bigger loss, followed by a win of Obama-esque proportions. Will that final win be made even larger, possibly epic? That's totally on me.
Tags: boston, kristen and the noise, memphis, navy hate, road trips, running, yuengling

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