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getaway =, awesome!

Were I one to lifecast, this particular episode might be narrated by Brent Musburger, annoying as he is: "You're looking live at the twelfth floor of the Boston Park Plaza Hotel and Towers, in historic Back Bay..."

Yes, I roll in Beantown tonight, and was fortunate to be sprung from work early enough to beat the infamous Boston traffic on the way up. I'm fresh off a tasting at Harpoon Brewery; this was an idea first floated to me over a year ago by my collegiate colleague "TheGovernor." There were many different varieties of beer, and they had a limited supply surplus of Chocolate Stout that had just arrived from their Vermont brewery. I took home a twelve pack of that, as well as a growler (that's half a gallon) of India Pale Ale, as well as an IPA glass.

No sooner do I log onto the Internet here than I find that O. J. Simpson was sentenced to at least nine years in prison for armed robbery last year. It doesn't come anywhere close to compensating the families of the two people he murdered in 1994, but I'm glad I won't have to hear about any of his antics for a while.

Lots more awesome sauce tonight, as dinner at Cheers in Faneuil Hall will be followed by Kristen and the Noise at Parris. You'll likely see the post-game report after I get back to the Armpit of New England tomorrow.
Tags: beer, boston, insanity, kristen and the noise, road trips

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