Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

Always good to be back...

In case the prolonged silence didn't clue you in, I've been out to sea for the last week and a half. And since I didn't bring the computer underway with me this time, there's no massive deluge of content that often accompanies my return to port. But I am back, and on holiday leave - for the last time ever. (I love it whenever that phrase comes up.)

Of course, we return to port just in time for a giant snowstorm to hit the Northeast! Once I got out of work this morning, I was running around to a bunch of different places, so that when I got home, I could hunker down and chill out here for the rest of the day. The white stuff finally reached New London about an hour ago, and while it is quite pretty to look at, I have no desire to drive in it. I am most fortunate that I'm not returning to my ancestral home until Monday, by which time the weather should improve.

For a brief time this afternoon, the inbound storm was not the biggest of my problems. I tried to pull some cash from an ATM on base, but I kept getting rejected for having an incorrect PIN (number). I've had the same PIN for over five years, and was certain I had remembered it correctly. I went up to the branch on base, tried again, no luck. So I went into the office and had it reset, thankful that at least my card wasn't eaten. On the drive back, I was slightly unnerved about the state of my bank accounts. I was equally relieved when I got home, logged in, and saw that every penny of my hard-earned and hard-saved money was still present. I don't know what caused the glitch with the card, but now that it's reset, everything appears fine.

Some tfo-worthy events did occur during my time below the ocean's surface. In the near future, you'll see posts on:

  • Malcolm Gladwell's new book, Outliers. As always, the man brings great insights, and in this one, he struck some deep chords with me.
  • A new framework for the Post-Navy Roadtrip, that fits constraints of schedule and budget should I be accepted back into college.
  • And finally, the most frustrating twenty minutes of the entire underway. Hint: my platinum membership in the Haters' Club figures prominently.
Tags: books, leave, money, navy hate, snow

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