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Back in the NPT after a few twists and turns...

I speak write to the internet this evening from the comfort of my bed at the Ancestral Palace. This journey, however, had a Veronica Corningstone quality to it. "This one was different. I have to be honest. Quite different."

To start with, I again failed to respect the potency of Harpoon Chocolate Stout, overdoing it as I celebrated the Giants' signature win over Carolina. (I'm glad I'm nearly rid of that twelve-pack.) This meant that when the alarm went at six a.m., I was not particularly well. But I had tasking to complete, and set about moving the assembled pile of stuff from the door to the Blue Trooper. It took a couple of tries, and some chipping of ice, to back the car out of its spot. My first stop of the day was the Navy Federal branch on Submarine Base. The troubles with my check card led to its deactivation, I had no cash, and that service center was the only one that opened in time for me to make the 8 a.m. ferry. I pulled my cash, and as I was walking out, I realized that I'd left Mom's Christmas gift at home, so I'd have to go back there instead of proceeding directly to the terminal. I reached Ferry Street at quarter to eight, relieved to find a light crowd waiting to board. Once we were underway, the usual announcement varied from normal in one important way - "sea conditions are rough." The trip was not a pleasant ride, and I was most relieved when we docked at Orient Point. From there, it was an easy run into Northport, punctuated by lunch at White Castle.

I also had screen problems on multiple fronts. My computer has been having some issues with its screen; the image often becomes jumpy if it's not aligned just the right way. Right now it's working, but for much of the afternoon, I was operating off the monitor from the unit I had in college. Then just before dinner, I decided to activate Facebook Mobile, but the screen on my phone wouldn't work. Given that my phone is more than four years old, I contemplated replacing it now, vice next summer. I tried connecting the phone to my computer to get the text, but that may have brought the screen back to life. Or it could have been something simply out of the blue. Either way, I'm glad I'm not incurring that expense.

Tomorrow's big-ticket item is a reunion dinner with RB, and maybe Brewmeister as well. RB claims to already have a slew of tales from the Genius Bar; he's already told me about troubleshooting José Reyes' iPhone, and he says that's the tip of the iceberg.
Tags: beer, blue trooper, leave, long island, money, nauseating detail, new york giants, northport, white castle

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