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At low levels of ambient noise, I am subjected to that series of tones on repeat as I sit here in the New Nexus of Hate. I know not when it started, or its point of origination, save that it's almost certainly not in my apartment. Music is currently sufficient to block it, but it may be a different story at bedtime.

The holiday season - or for that matter, any time of the year - is made more festive when we're graced with a Mailbag from Bill Simmons. I'd like to call particular attention to the eleventh and twelfth questions. If any of the readership has recent experience in Hotlanta, I humbly request confirmation or denial of the thesis posed by Simmons and the readers. This could affect travel plans sometime in 2009.

Last night, I attended the annual alumni concert of The Multi-Colored Ties, the Northport High School a cappella group that's now nearing two decades of existence. Yet again, the power of Facebook informs, and the power of the class of MCMXCIX compels. One of my classmates, "TheSenator," is an alumnus of the group, I hadn't seen him in seven years, and I had nothing better to do. The Ties graced us not only with quality music, but comedy was well. Some of this was by design, and other instances stemmed directly from some EPIC FAIL at choreography. Specifically, their inability to coordinate a kickline on their last number. TheSenator and I talked at length on the strange paths our lives had followed; he's a 3L at Columbia, having actually sampled the profession as a paralegal prior to going to law school. After the show, I simply packed it in and went home; why not end the night on a high note?

The Ties have a female counterpart, the "Tights," who are performing tonight. I wanted to hit up that show as well, but alas, that would put me back into New London at midnight or later. Once I made that decision, the departure time crept from "just before dinner" to "3:30" to "2:00." I'm glad I made the early trip back, as it gives me time to handle a bit of personal business. The mailbox contained my new bank card; I'm now rolling through various automated services to prevent bouncing any payments. And though I didn't really need the help on this one, it was still good to have the Garmin along for the ride. In the words of Ferris Bueller, "it is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up."

So was it a good trip to the ancestral home? Let's go inside the numbers:
Hours spent in Northport: 122
Bottles of Yuengling imported to the Armpit of New England: 54
Total beers consumed: 13
Glasses of wine spilled on me: 1
High school classmates seen: 7 6
High school classmates I addressed as "sir": 1
And of course, days remaining until I separate: 143

And the beeping continues...but at least now I know it's coming from an apartment one floor above mine.
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