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In the fine tradition of Jacob...

I present this LiveJournal entry in 'yay/boo' format.

Yay for Chris Parkin, big time, for getting me to and from Worcester this weekend, and for putting up with my presence in the press conference last night. He really stuck his neck out for me my holding up the band for 15 or so minutes. I wish I had some receipts, so I could get some money from the station and give it to the band to show my gratitude, but alas, that is not to be. However, if Chris asks for Andy Noel to be slammed on air, I would probably make it happen - barring a request for slander, of course.

Boo to one very bitchy band member who complained about me moving to the middle of the bus so as not to be at the absolute back of the food line. Just because you sit closer to the front does not automatically entitle you to the front of the dinner line. This was compounded by the fact this particular bandie was one of the slowest eaters and one of the last to board the bus at the end. I certainly won't miss her.

Yay for Morgan bringing my backpack into the hotel, so that I did not have to sleep in my dress shirt and nice pants.

Boo for Ilyse. Not a big one, but a boo nonetheless, for taking up the whole bed. Mitigating factor: she did leave me a pillow and blanket. But would it really have been that difficult to give me some space?

Yay for my parents for getting me a replacement car. There will be a VanBerry sequel after all. I'll be picking it up later in the week - it's green, my parents tell me. Not to mention it has many more amenities than the original.

Yay for my checks finally coming in, four and a half weeks after I ordered them.

Yay for women's lacrosse rolling to 5-0 without Wohlschlegel and Miles. Big game this weekend at Princeton, which I'm going to try to get to. And the broadcast the Saturday after that. Which leads to...

Boo to me for procrastinating until after the hockey season officially ended. Now I have thirteen days to pull this all together. And finally...

Yay to Cornell hockey for an outstanding season. I know the guys fell short of their ultimate goals, but that doesn't take away from what they accomplished. And here's hoping that neither Murray nor LeNeveu defect to the pros before next season.

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