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Let's get it kick-started!

All right, it's a new year, and that means new...lots of things. Though it's only in its infancy, I can say one thing about 2009 with certainty:

This will be a huge, pivotal year for me.

In the year to come, the following things will come to pass:
  • My separation from the active duty armed forces.
  • Most likely, my return to college to finish my degree.
  • A reunion of my high school class, ten years after our graduation.
  • And maybe, just maybe, my brother's wedding. (Set a date already!)
Those things having been said, I do have some things I want to accomplish in 2009. Here is a list:
  • See The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus in concert. I heart these guys just about as much as Sara Bareilles. The RJA is touring early this year in support of their new album, Lonely Road, but there aren't any dates in the Northeast. This one might have to wait until the middle of the year.
  • See the Dave Matthews Band in concert. I have never gotten to one of their shows, despite being a long time fan. Everything I've heard indicates that they're much more awesome live than on their studio tracks.
  • See Sara Bareilles in concert (again). I won't be disappointed if this one doesn't go down. But given how much I enjoyed her performance two months ago, I do seek a return engagement. Failing that, an suitable alternative would be to catch Ingrid Michaelson, with whom Sara collaborated on the recently released "Winter Song."
  • Complete the 2009 Great Cow Harbor 10-Kilometer Run, in fifty minutes or less. This year's Cow Harbor 10K is on September 26; Microsoft Excel tells me that's 268 days away. A daily dose of the treadmill is now force of habit for me; right now the runs are just over three miles, and they'll lengthen as the year progresses. I also expect to have the opportunity to get intimately familiar with the tricky course after I move back to my ancestral home.
  • Maintain weight at or about current level. The official starting weight for 2009 is 161 pounds, just above my long-standing target of 160. The extensive running should allow me to keep it there, as well as hold my cholesterol to acceptable levels.
  • Reconnect with old friends. Like I said, I've got a high school reunion coming up later in the year. But why wait for that? You know, the song "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)" is inextricably linked to all the classes of '99, and one line from it has always particularly resonated with me:
    Work hard to bridge the gaps in geography and lifestyle, because the older you get, the more you need the people you knew when you were young.
There are a couple more, but they're long-standing targets, not necessarily linked to the changing of the calendar.

I don't know about you, but I am very excite about this new year. Make it a great one - I certainly intend to!
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