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Politics Tonight

New York is abuzz with talk that Caroline Kennedy desires the Senate seat soon to be (thankfully) vacated by Hillary Clinton. I wasn't sure of her qualifications to take the seat; she may have political legacy and connections, but she's short on experience. She reminds me of the Allegra Cole character in the movie Hitch. I searched her name and came across a column by the illustrious John Stossel. The smartest and most courageous man in television news argues that Kennedy is plenty qualified to serve in the Senate - and I'm inclined to agree. By the same token, the requirements outlined in this column mean I'm not meant for a career in Congress - notwithstanding the fact that I haven't yet attained to the age of thirty years.

We're now merely two weeks away from the official inauguration of change, or so we're told. As someone who identifies as both "cynical" and "skeptical" with regard to all things Washington, I'm not convinced, and never will be. Thanks to Cato-at-liberty, I can provide you with quotable hilarity from the President-elect:
We must demand vigorous oversight and strict accountability for achieving results. And we must restore fiscal responsibility and make the tough choices so that as the economy recovers, the deficit starts to come down.
Yea, verily, there indeed be lulz. Let's not forget that Obama vigorously supported his predecessor's bailout of Wall Street, over the original objections of the House. And now, we're wondering where all those billions of dollars went. Seven hundred billion, as I recall. Let's put that in perspective; little more than a decade ago, Dr. Evil only demanded one-seventh that sum* - and he was completely direct about his intentions for the money.

But we must never fail to look for the silver lining - and my friends, I believe I've found it. According to a reliable source, during the inauguration, the District of Corruption Columbia is extending last call to 0400. DRINK, D.C.!!

* Adjusted for inflation, the esteemed alumnus of Evil Medical School sought $129 billion in 2007 American dollars.
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