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Not quite the flamme rouge, but still...

President Obama: "Transition to Power ... Inauguration '09 ... the first 100 days"
Petty Officer Carberry: "Transition to Power ... Separation '09 ... the LAST 100 days"

That's all that's left. I am celebrating quietly tonight; maybe it's the fact that there's still that much time to go, or maybe it's the fact that I did plenty of celebrating last night. Tomorrow it gets even more real, as I go to TAP class. That's Transition Assistance Program, where they teach you how to be a civilian again. Even though I don't expect to need the résumé writing advice or job placement help in this area, I'm still thankful for getting four days effectively off from work.

This is my first post to the blog from the new computer I bought today. The screen issues on my old unit finally became too much to bear, so I moved up its intended replacement by a couple of months. A few specs: Intel Celeron 585 (2.16 GHz), 2 GB RAM, 160 GB hard drive, 15.4" screen...but the best one is the price tag: $400. I was prepared to spend more, and am quite pleased with this, as I continue to plow through the process of getting used to Vista and moving everything over from the old unit.

I am still trying to figure out where, if anywhere, I want to go the weekend after next. Originally, the plan was Halifax, but the extensive driving and cold weather have led me to shelve that idea. I'm thinking maybe Atlanta, or even simply stay here or roll to the Island. I really have no clue on this one. I do, however, have the two PNR options mapped out; it'll either be 7 June to 8 July, or 2 July to 2 August. I'm leaning towards the former option at present.

Sara B was shut out at the Grammys, in both cases being beaten by Brits (Coldplay for Song of the Year, and Adele for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance). The winners in both categories are most deserving of the statuettes. As was the case when the nominations were announced, I am most grateful that Sara was not up for Best New Artist.

The "flamme rouge" is the pennant, mounted to a huge inflatable pylon, that marks the point one kilometer from the finish line of each stage in the Tour de France.
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