Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

An unusually productive day today...

So after going to the New York Tax Department's web site, I found that a bill had been issued on the return I filed. I never got this bill though. I therefore called the tax people today to find out what was up. They told me that a bill had been issued, but that it had been canceled. The very nice lady on the phone said "leave it be...unless you hear from us, don't worry about it." Victory is mine, to the tune of $29.72!! Tomorrow it's more Fun with the State Government - this time, Matt is off to the DMV to renew his driver's license.

Anyway, after getting the good news from the state, I went to a place I generally don't like to frequent - Day Hall, the Cornell administration building. This was to drop off my financial aid forms and pick up my check for the tuition and meal plan I didn't use this semester.

So this Saturday...oh yeah. It is on. Back to Princeton for the second time in three weeks, this time to see Cornell men's lacrosse take on the Tigers in a game with big Ivy League implications. Can Cornell knock off the seven time defending Ivy League champions? The Big Red actually have a higher ranking in the coaches poll coming into this game (Cornell is #5, Princeton is #8). But I'm pretty sure that the Class of 1952 Stadium will be filled with a capacity crowd for this one. It will be awesome. I shall have to miss the important women's game against Yale, but I'll be with the band on Wednesday night when the ladies take on Syracuse. I was deliberating to myself, "Do I really need to cover this game?" And the ultimate answer was "no."

All is also well with WVBR. Since I'm not in school and have a lot of time on my hands, I've taken it upon myself to update the web versions of WVBR's entire code of regulations (the Constitution, Bylaws, Corporate Policy Notebook, and Management Policy Notebook). I must mention at this point that Microsoft FrontPage sucks. It generates unbelievable code inefficiency. I prefer 1st Page 2000, which allows for the addition of interesting goodies, while also enabling the developer to interact directly with the code.

That's really all I have to say at this point. See ya around...

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