Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

the Peter Gibbons Memorial Leave Period...

Michael, I did nothing. I did absolutely nothing, and it was everything that I thought it could be.
- Peter Gibbons in Office Space

That pretty much sums it up. Isn't your job great when you don't actually have to go and do it? For me, that's just about the only time it's great. Most of the nothing was conducted here in the Armpit of New England, but I did return today from three days back home on Long Island. Even there, I didn't see RB, nor did I have White Castle - both of which are customary on such a visit. But I did take pictures.

I've already blogged here about one of the two notable events of the last eleven days - the reading of, and travel associated with, Little Pink House. The other was going to see Ready In 10 later on Friday night. Yet again, I found reason to be most thankful to my parents for getting me the Garmin. All I needed was an address, and I was guided to the venue without difficulty. It ended up being in the extreme southeastern corner of Rhode Island, at a place called The Wheel House. The place was absolutely dead when I arrived there at nine o'clock. Fifteen minutes later, the short bus arrived, and I knew everything would be all right. Not long thereafter, I happily reunited with both the band and their hard-core loyalists. By the time the first act, Boston's Six Day Slide, took the stage, something resembling a crowd had filled in. They were pretty good. After that was Brian Scott, who became most notable to me for the few people at the front of the house happily dancing to their music. After they did the same for Ready In 10, I guessed that maybe they're the "Wheel House Interpretive Dancers." The band I'd come to see ended up being the final one of the night, and they gave another sterling performance. I've seen them three times now, in three different calendar years, in three different states...with three different drummers. Given that I intend to move back to my ancestral home in the near future, none of those last three "streaks" should remain intact. Simply being able to see these guys is a treat. With them, and Sara Bareilles, and maybe Kristen and the Noise, it's different, because it's about the performance coming from the stage first and foremost. This contrasts with many of the other groups I see, where the music is simply a backdrop for the more important task of engaging (read as: looking at) women.

Now that I think about it, I remember another milestone accomplished over the weekend. I arrived at my goal of acquiring every live-action episode of Star Trek ever aired. Small potatoes, to be sure, but still.

Days: eighty-two. Dollars: now over thirty-five thousand. Reaction to Obama's math skills: facepalm. Treadmill: check, for the first time in thirteen days. Word from Stony Brook: still waiting, but I'm confident. Being a gangsta: it feels good.
Tags: long island, music, ready in 10, tv

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