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Snow (half-)day in the Navy...

...apocalypse sure to follow soon.

LevelSeventy's Facebook update says it all: snow day in the Navy... "Don't die on the way here but you better not be late. Also we are going to keep you guys late so you aren't trying to drive home in this." And mine from just after midnight, thinking that this morning's events couldn't possibly come to pass: "Matt is jealous of all his friends on LI who are getting 'snow days.'"

Since I arrived there in September 2005, only once previously has there been a suspension of the activity of the Submersible Death Trap. It was in December of that same year, and it also impacted the ship's (bi-)annual Christmas party. That time, I got enough advance notice to avoid having to brave the elements. This morning? Not so much. The first thing I hear upon arrival in the engine room...we're not working until noon. The decision had come down only about fifteen minutes before. Of course, I took advantage of the opportunity to return to my apartment. Getting my car legally parked here is undoubtedly the crowning achievement of the day.

For months now, the CIVFOR list has been dormant, and I was nearly certain I'd exhausted all possible means of detailing the sucktitude of this thing I do. I was dead wrong...reason no. 129 has made its way on.

Foxtrot Tango Bravo*, and Foxtrot Tango November!!

* In this instance, "blizzard."
Tags: insanity, memphis, navy hate, snow

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