Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

The latest developments...

The EM Log has made a triumphant return...or at least, its archives have. To those of us who have a full understanding of these stories, they're pure gold. And for those on the outside who read this, they still give a pretty good insight into what we submariners do, and what we face.

Another enjoyable stop on any tour of the interwebz is 38 Pitches, Curt Schilling's blog. Interesting post today on the World Baseball Classic, something I believe to be an easily ignored sideshow. The dual allegiances to club and country are workable in soccer, because that sport's showcase event (the World Cup) is a national teams competition. It isn't and never will be the same in baseball - especially when you have, for example, Alex Rodriguez playing for the Dominican Republic.

Still no official word from Stony Brook. I'm not by any means doubting it, but I'd like to get something authoritative in the near future. And those things I talked about in my last post lost a bit of luster yesterday, as I stood duty for the first time since returning from leave. Only a bit of luster, though. I am, after all, a month and a half from winning this game outright...
Tags: foreign affairs, navy hate, sports

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