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I was getting quite frustrated with the slowness of servers (more often, it degenerated into outright inability to access them). So I broke down and paid for this biz-nitch. At just over $2/month for a year, it's probably a bargain in the long run.

I also joined the cornell_u community. Not really familiar with it yet, but there appear to be some interesting characters there.

I renewed my license today. The fact that such renewals are for eight years rather than five - this is very quality. What does kind of suck is that the DMV will probably send me two licences - even though my 21st birthday is just over two weeks away. Since I renewed before I turned 21, I'll get one that says 'Under 21' on it, and then they'll send me another one that doesn't have those words. This also kind of sucks because there are some places, especially here in Ithaca, that will not accept ID that has the 'Under 21' on it as proof of age for alcohol purposes. Not that I intend to purchase alcohol in the near future, but it would be nice to have. More inefficiency on the part of the state.

I need keys to the station! Damn you Meer and Bianchi for not providing me with them!!

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