Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

But aside from that thing...

...I'm not doing too badly here at Naval Station Mayport, just outside Jacksonville. The Submersible Death Trap is moored down here for its annual spring visit. And as is always the case, leaving the confines of the base requires one to be tethered to one or more other Sailors. We're told that we're grown men, given the responsibilities of grown men, and told we're expected to behave accordingly. Despite all that, we can't be trusted to be on our own in an American city - all in the name of force protection and public relations. Of course, I abide by the rules; but I do so with the knowledge that in two months, they'll no longer be my rules.

I am not drinking this evening, despite the body blow delivered to my long-term plans this afternoon. That's one reason why, as is the fact that I haven't slept much in the last day and a half. Those things being said, the most important reason is simple logistics. We're moored in the "North Bumblefuck" end of the base, more than ten minutes' walk from the liberty center where I'm typing this, and well over half an hour from any alcohol. The possibility that I might have to make that walk back, combined with a stiff wind up this evening and my lack of a civilian jacket, means I'm keeping it sober tonight.

I'm keeping my focus on the ECAC Hockey championship game, in which my Cornell Big Red are playing Yale. Cornell needed two goals in the last three minutes of regulation and a double overtime winner to down Princeton, and they appear to be in solid shape to make the national tournament. Regardless of the NCAA outcome, adding conference title No. 12 would be a sweet accomplishment, especially for the seniors who haven't yet hoisted the Whitelaw Cup.
Tags: alcohol, college hockey, cornell, memphis

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