Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

Quick points before I disappear again...

So, March Madness is underway; in fact, as I type this down, the field has been pared to the Sweet Sixteen. Cornell lost to Missouri by nineteen in Boise. As awesome it would have been to see the Big Red advance, I'm happy that they successfully defended the Ivy League championship. In other tournament news, I spent a couple of hours today putting together this year's Z-Bracket; doing this is one of my favorite annual little diversions.

The Big Red hockey team got handled in Albany last night; I listened as Yale took the ECAC Hockey title by a 5-0 score. Cornell did make the NCAA field, and will play Northeastern next weekend in Grand Rapids. I look forward to not having to worry about whether next year's hockey schedule conflicts with the one I keep at work.

I did in fact watch Sideways last night. It immediately came to mind after I saw the bad news yesterday. In particular, I recalled the scene where Miles, Paul Giamatti's character, learns that his novel has been rejected by what's probably the last available publishing house. It was much the same way for me yesterday, only I didn't suddenly need a drink. Regardless of the attendant circumstances, it's a great watch. I remember, after seeing it in the theater in 2005, feeling haunted at the sight of a possible outcome of my life. I don't feel quite that way anymore, but both it and the novel on which it's based are still moving works.

I had some good talks with both my mom and RB, and I still feel ready to tackle what lies ahead, even if that's totally different that what I thought it would be thirty-six hours ago. And if nothing else, I have the fast approaching short-term future to take my mind off the long-term future.
Tags: college basketball, college hockey, movies

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