Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

As if I needed another reason...

A couple of days ago, I was returning to bed from the head, and the executive officer was walking down the passageway. As he passed me, he quietly said, "there's still time to re-enlist." I continued on my way to my rack without reply. Had I been fully dressed, I might have shared with him the most recent revelation in the tale of "Mumbles," someone who departed from this ship nearly six months ago.

Mumbles was, like me, intent on leaving the Navy at the end of his initial six-year obligation. But as his blessed date approached, he didn't have any savings and he did have a fiancé. So he took the money and re-enlisted. One of the conditions of his staying in was him getting orders to Groton, to remain close to said fiancé. When he left the boat, he went to a school down in Norfolk, and was then scheduled to do three years in Connecticut. But a couple of days ago, his ultimate destination was altered to Virginia. Not only that, he signed on for five additional years, so he's guaranteed to be heading back to another submarine.

The moral of this short tale? Big Navy cannot be trusted. I don't care what anybody on the boat says they can do for me. The people in Millington, Tennessee who control personnel assignments have only the needs of the Navy as their concern. The only member who's looking out for my interests is me. Fortunately, my chief interest is separating from active duty, so I don't have to worry about manipulation from BUPERS or anybody else.
Tags: memphis, navy hate

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