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We start last Saturday night with the final of the Frozen Four, in which Miami (of Ohio) took a two-goal lead into the final minute. But then Boston University scored, pulled its goaltender again, and scored again, so the game went to overtime. And then, "The Fluke." A Miami player goes down to block a shot, but it ricochets off him, over the goalie's left shoulder, and in for the national championship. Incredibly tough way for the Redhawks to lose it. I was pulling for them not only because they were the underdog, but because, as a Cornell supporter, "Screw BU" is incorrigibly ingrained in my fandom.

The next day's crazy Masters final round was missed due to duty, but I was free to watch Monday night's opening of Citi Field. The new park came in the same way the old one went out - in more ways than one. Tom Seaver threw to Mike Piazza, and this pitch was far better than the one last September. The first hit was a home run for the visitors; in this case, only three pitches into the game. And the result? A loss, with the deciding run coming home on a balk. It seems to me the patch of turf my have changed, but it's the same old team.

Tuesday brought a fantastic soccer match at Stamford Bridge, where Chelsea hosted Liverpool. The Reds scored two goals in the first half to level the tie at three on aggregate. But then it seemed as though the teams switched shirts, as Chelsea scored three straight and seemed to have it put away. And then, with less than ten minutes left, Liverpool found the back of the net twice more. Now they were within one, and another would get them through on the away goals rule. But Frank Lampard sealed it with his second of the night. Rare is a match - especially in the Champions League - that finishes 4-4. (The Blues won 7-5 overall.)

Later that evening was the NHL draft lottery. As the holders of the lowest point total in 2008-09, the Islanders had a 48.2% chance of selecting first in this summer's draft; that is to say, the right to pick Canadian sensation John Tavares. Either the Isles' number or that of a team outside the bottom five would cause this to happen. The former was the result, and we can now hopefully look forward to a creative forward of our own for many years to come. That is, of course, presuming the team remains.

And to think, I haven't even yet looked at the Giants' schedule...
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