Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

As for the "real" world... progresses on, much as it always does.

So if you read this, you know that I've been on a boat for over three and a half years. But I'll be staying on one even after Monday, at least according to the quiz I took on Facebook. Said quiz has nothing to do with any submarine, but is instead based on the Lonely Island single relating to the marine vessels. For the record, I'm with Andy Samberg - I would take T-Pain out to sea if the opportunity arose. He seems like someone with whom it would be cool to party with.

Here's another cool video I ran across late last week.

I recently read in the TIMES of Northport about a most worthwhile cause going down in my hometown. Colby Grace, a senior at Northport High School, is creating a sculpture dedicated to both military members and the loved ones they leave behind. The initial goal is to raise $10,000 for a sculpture in front of Northport Village Hall, and then twelve times that much for a life-size edition for the village park. They'll be getting a small chunk of my money in support of this endeavor. This has also led me to push the big road trip one week to the right, so I can attend the dedication on Memorial Day.

I was going to head to the ancestral home this weekend, but I've moved that trip off a couple of days. My friend and former Submersible Death Trap sufferer Veez, (aka LakeErie), alerted me to the availability of tickets for a Sara Bareilles show in Worcester this evening. I can head home any time during terminal leave, but how many chances are there to see the Piano Woman live - especially in the East? Thus, it wasn't a tough call.

Forty-eight hours left on the boat...
Tags: comedy, facebook, northport, sara bareilles

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