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You can't sleep, you can't eat, there's no doubt, you're in deep...

The a cappella binge continues unabated. Rockapella and Cayuga's Waiters for the most part, but also "It's Alright" by Huey Lewis and the News, and a few others. I don't understand it. And the Carmen Sandiego theme every ten minutes. Literally.

I mentioned in a brief away message last Saturday that the most difficult part of spending the summer in Ithaca would be living without the Cornell meal plan. This is for a number of reasons. One, I cannot cook. Yes, I can prepare some foods, like soup and Stouffer's pizzas (I've got to get some of those in the near future), but I run into problems when it comes to meals. So I'm more inclined to have fewer meals in a given day. For the time being, this may not be as much of a problem, because of all the junk food I bought before the end of the last semester. But when that runs out, I have to keep putting the meals in. Because I have to watch my weight. It got all the way down to 133 lb (60 kg) about a week ago. It's back up to 136 now, but I have to stay on top of it.

Work was fun again. Around noon I rang up Sandy Martisauskas, one of the seniors on the women's basketball team. This got me thinking about whether to have her or Jen Linker on, should I need to go to the alternate interview candidates. This gets weirder. After work and dinner, I go to interview Robin Moore of the volleyball team, and I notice that Sandy lives with her!!! And then during the taping, Sandy walks in. After the taped portion (which went very well) was done, Robin and I talked about lots of sports-related stuff. I stil don't know what I'm going to do. I have a gut feeling that women's basketball will enter the picture - I'm not sure if two more of the original subjects will get back to me in time, especially with Sarah McGoey out of the country on Canadian national team duty. My inclination is to stay with Linker, since I will ask about Sandy if I do. (One of the standard-issue questions for everybody is about the other members of each player's graduating class.) In about twenty-four hours, I'll know for sure what I'm going to do.

Oh yeah, I interviewed Danny Powell of men's hockey as well. I got there late, because I got lost in Collegetown, which is a bit embarassing considering that I've lived in Ithaca for two years. I must admit that his interview wasn't as good as Robin's (to say nothing of the established Jenny Graap standard). I don't think I asked the best questions either. The tape quality on each is really good though. Much better than the press conference in Princeton back on the 10th.

So the long and the short of it is: Two interviews finished, one more (Nicole Zitarelli) on Thursday. Probability of having to go to alternate athletes is very good right now, 24 hours before the decision time. Work going extremely well. Tiring, but I enjoy it. Keeping the food coming to my belly. Sleep is a commodity in great demand. But all and all, la vida es buena.

Until next time...

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