Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

On to another matter of state...

As I was completing the process of leaving the boat this week, I basically went in on an "as needed" basis - and on the first three days of this week, I wasn't needed all that much. That gave me some time to bring myself up to speed on such other things as The Price Is Right. I saw Bob Barker's appearance last Thursday. And this week, it seems that everybody and their mother can get a dollar on the wheel. Also, there was a double showcase win - the seventh this season. But one of those sharp bids was of particular note.

On the show aired last December 16 - while I was underway, which is probably why I didn't discover it until recently - there was a perfect bid in the Showcase. That has happened only once EVER, back in the 1970s, and it might not have even been on the daytime incarnation. A lot of controversy surrounds this; did he cheat, was he helped by über-fanatical watchers (as one claimed on a TPIR message forum)? Is this the beginning of the end of the show? I don't know about the kosher-ness of the win, and since S&P* accepted it, I will as well. As for the show, the ability to memorize prices is a weak point in the format. And it's not even the first time a CBS show has experienced this - remember Michael Larson's run on Press Your Luck in 1984? But unlike then, there's no easy fix for this. That said, there doesn't really have to be. This isn't a widespread enough phenomenon for it to really be a threat. Finally, on Drew's reaction: everyone has been panning it, but I don't blame him for being suspicious. I know I'd be.

Yesterday, TPIR did an Earth Day themed show, and brought in Ed Begley, Jr. to help with some of the prizes. This drew the attention of not one, but TWO late-night shows. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon gave it one joke, while The Colbert Report spent nearly ninety seconds on the topic. At this time, I'd like to address the question Stephen asks after the Showcase clip. No, Mr. Colbert, you cannot make a lower bid - you must bid in dollars, because we round off all our retail prices to the nearest dollar! Seriously, though, check out the clips.

Finally, it was most wonderful to confirm that Price will be taping some of the first episodes of season thirty-eight early in the second week of June. If I happen to be in the vicinity of Beverly and Fairfax around that time, trust that it ain't coincidental...

* Standards and Practices, aka "the censors," the people that make sure everything stays on the up and up.
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