Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

Thoughts about the East Hill, from the North Shore...

First off, Cornell beat Hofstra 11-8 and will play Princeton next Saturday - at Hofstra. It was tied at five at halftime, but Cornell broke it open in the third quarter. It's most fortunate that next week's drive will be one-ninth the length of yesterday's trip (30 miles each way, vice 270).

A couple of things were learned on yesterday's epic run:

My car is a beast. A BEAST, I tell you! There is no doubt that the Blue Trooper is ready for the Post-Navy Roadtrip. The 550 miles and nine hours covered yesterday served as a good "stress test" for both myself and my ride. Both passed with flying colors. Such a test was an unintended by-product of it being finals week at Cornell - had it not been, I might have secured overnight accommodation and engaged in some alcohol and merriment.

Some things never, ever change. I swear that if I visit Cornell in 2017, and approach Ithaca from the south, there will still be road work on Interstate 81 between Scranton and the Pennsylvania-New York state line.

Something else I wouldn't be surprised to see then: the entire Cornell campus being covered by FieldTurf. Including the Arts Quad...pardon me, the Arts Quad Presented by the BoatYard Grill.

I close with this touch of class. After the post-game handshake between the two teams was complete, the Big Red sprinted directly across the field to the west stands, right in front of the band (and myself)...and raised their sticks in salute. A very nice gesture that made me even happier that I made the trek up to that beautiful and glorious place.
Tags: blue trooper, college sports, cornell

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