Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

In praise of the Blogette...

These days, we're seeing a new voice making its way around the cable news channels. It's a voice that belongs to someone who isn't content to simply trade on her famous last name and lineage. From her perch at The Daily Beast, she has kept it real about post-campaign dating, gone toe-to-toe with the Big Red Shame (a.k.a. Ann Coulter), fended off attacks on her weight by Laura Ingraham, taken Bristol Palin behind the woodshed on the sex issue, and just yesterday she masterfully defended the Second Amendment. Before all this, she blogged an insider's look at the circus that is a Presidential campaign. Her tweets are filled with the sort of language that makes the establishment cringe, and her stands make the likes of Coulter and Limbaugh do the same. She's Meghan McCain...and she is EXACTLY what the GOP needs.

The state of the country is worse than you think. We all know about what my hometown News 12 calls the "economy in crisis." At CNN, it's "issue #1." But on current course and speed, the United States is on track to become a carbon copy of the social democracies of Europe. Cato-at-liberty rolled large on this on Thursday. The misnamed Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights could take rights and responsibilities from all those aged 18 to 21. Mark Calabria on this: "If we are ever to expect college students to start behaving as adults, we should start treating them as such, including allowing them to make their own credit decisions." Some of Chrysler's creditors wanted to make sure they get paid, but acquiesced in the face of White House pressure. Doug Bandow responds: "...crude political interference by the political authorities in Washington in a bankruptcy case erode the rule of law and administration of justice." The Senate wants to impose a "fat tax" - again, Bandow: "If the American people don't start saying no, there won't be much liberty left to preserve."

Which brings us back to Meghan McCain. She has taken some flak within her party for breaking with the base on the social issues. She and I support gay marriage. She and I support sex education that isn't limited solely to abstinence. And most importantly, she and I realize that for the Republican Party to come back to national prominence, it must once again become the party of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. It must be the party that properly uses government to secure our rights to life, liberty, and property. It must also be the party that secures our freedom from government intrusion - as envisioned by the Second, Fourth, and Tenth Amendments. It must secure our freedom to fail, which is more vital than you might think. For from failure we learn, and that knowledge spurs us on to greater success. (Exhibit A: Tucker Max.) Republicans must seek to bring us to that most beautiful "maximum of individual freedom consistent with order." Focusing on the proper role of government in American society isn't exactly a new idea. Remember the Contract with America? It carried the GOP to a Congressional majority that it would hold for twelve years. These are the things upon which Meghan wants the "elephant meat" to concentrate...and she and I agree that they are the Republicans' best chance to return to political viability.

At present, I have no intention to run for public office. But if I ever change my mind on that point, I know exactly who to call tweet about managing my campaign - especially the Internet side of the house. Keep rocking, Meghan - because your nation badly needs it.

[Footnote one: Meghan's going to be on The Colbert Report next Monday night (2330 EDT). I just may have a new plan for my final half hour as an active duty United States Sailor...]
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