Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

What you are about to see is not a spoof...

..though it has been spoofed. At first, I was simply looking for the 1-800-LAWYERS commercial on YouTube. Found that easily enough. But then, in the "related videos" box, I saw something that brought back memories of Central New York. One personal injury attorney working out of Rochester had advertisements that stood above the rest. And by that, I mean that he was batshit insane, and not afraid to broadcast that trait to hundreds of thousands of people. He's JIM "THE HAMMER" SHAPIRO!

There is a page that has this and four other commercials from "The Hammer." According to Wikipedia, he's no longer practicing (i. e. suing drunks); he just writes books now. Not surprising, given that his law license was suspended in both New York AND Florida (where he actually lived), and he lost a malpractice suit in 2002. Seeing this for the first time in years also caused me to recall all of my friends from high school and college who now possess law degrees. For one, I hope none of them ever make a commercial like this. And for two, I wondered what nicknames they might use if they did. Of all of them, only one was even close to passable.
Tags: comedy, insanity, tv

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