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Matt Carberry

PNR, days 2 and 3: less ground covered and more things seen...

It is absolutely pouring here in Covington, Kentucky, just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati. According to it is an isolated storm cell, and the worst of it just happened to be right over me when I looked out the window. It has rained at some point on each of the first three days; scattered showers over the last two, plus the four-hour wet period on Tuesday. The last two days of the trip have been fun, and I've been able to work some more things in.

Yesterday's first major stop was the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton. It was a good tour, and they do a great job of keeping the place up to date. For example, one room has a sign for each current NFL team, and the coaches of the Browns and Jets were listed as Eric Mangini and Rex Ryan, respectively. The busts of the enshrinees are superior to the pictures in Springfield or the plaques in Cooperstown. I photographed just about every Super Bowl XLII-related item they had.

Once that was complete I headed down U.S. 30 and I-71 to Columbus. My first stop was Crew Stadium, where I took only a couple of pictures. Then it was on to Ohio State. That campus is much prettier than I'd anticipated. thanks to a couple of gates left slightly ajar, I was able to actually walk inside Ohio Stadium. The place seemed very small and intimate. After a couple of hours, I headed downtown to the Courtyard by Marriott. I got a free dinner by being there; the staff was having a cookout. After eating, I worked my way back up towards OSU, ending up at a bar called McFadden's just off campus. For the first two hours I was there, it was absolutely dead. Then a few people showed, and my midnight, all of a sudden it was packed. It wasn't really all of a sudden; it just seemed that way because I was deep into the sauce. This place is also the first one I saw to have not one, but TWO large holes in the bathroom wall. When I left around quarter to one, there was a line to get in. I hiked the two miles back downtown, and when I got there, the corner of my eye caught a color scheme that didn't seem to fit. I look, and sure enough, there's a guy sleeping there. I said something that woke him up; he had a beer, and I helped a man in need by buying it from him. Once that transaction was complete, I quickly broke the conversation and went up to my room, even though I didn't fall asleep for a while.

The short trip from Columbus to Cincinnati today was a great benefit. It afforded me a late start, but even that wasn't enough to clear the headache. After lunch, I took the exit ramp faster than I should have, and briefly weaved. Other than that, getting to Cincinnati was a breeze. I simply walked around the downtown area and the riverfront, where the sports stadiums are. The Ohio side of the Ohio river is littered with junk. Most likely, that's due in part to the people living in tents along the north bank. I didn't expect to see those, although I probably should have. I did spend an hour touring the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, which had a lot of next exhibits about the slave trade. Upon returning to my car, I discovered something horrifying - the key on the driver's seat. That's the only one I have right now, so I was preparing to call AAA to get it opened. But then I saw a lifeline - the back left window is cracked open. And I can move it. I stick my arm in, and hit a switch...but it's the window control, which is useless with the car off. The second attempt yielded success in getting a door open. The light bruising on my right arm is a small price to pay for a quick resolution to the problem. Tomorrow, I'm definitely having one or two more keys cut. I have a small box magnetically mounted to the underside of the car out of view, which should prevent a repeat of what I had to do this afternoon.

Between that, the fatigue, and the desire to do some advance work for the weekend, I elected not to head back into Cincinnati tonight. A wise decision given the sporadic rain, even though it's currently dry. I just got gas and dinner and have been chilling here in the hotel. Tomorrow it's on to Louisville; Churchill Downs, the Louisville Slugger Museum, and general Friday night merriment are the intended orders of the day. And finally...I just went down to the lobby to get a snack, and the cops are here. I know not why, nor was I inclined to ask.

Pictures: Day 2 | Day 3
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