Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry


Roundup was not that much fun tonight - I was the only one there. I was expecting Sean and Jon to show. Sean had a fine excuse - the STP concert. Jon, on the other hand, claimed he needed to work on the thesis that he told me was to be turned in last Monday.

I'm still sleepy, despite the fact that I slept eleven hours last night. I really can't explain why this is.

The men's lacrosse team may not get into the NCAA tournament even if it wins its last two games. This would suck if it were to come to pass.

Will the Mets stop making errors? Dropping three of four to the Expos is inexcusable.

Can the Islanders find their offense now that the series has shifted back to Long Island? I hope so, or they'll be making tee times a lot earlier than we fans hoped.

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