Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

PNR: the numbers and the aftermath...

"The Blue Trooper is underway."The final mileage...
The beginning......and the end.

Now that the blogging of the trip is all said and done, let's look at some of the vital statistics.

Initial odometer reading: 208,495
Final odometer reading: 217,148
Distance traveled: 8,653 miles

Departure from Northport: 2009-05-26, 08:53Q 1
Arrival in Northport: 2009-06-28, 17:08Q
Total duration of the trip: 33 days, 8 hours, 15 minutes (or 800:15)
Time spent behind the wheel: 155:01
Average speed: 55.82 mph
Best daily speed: Day 23 (Missoula - Bismarck), 75.6 mph
Worst daily speed: Day 34 (Groton - Northport), 35.9 mph

Intra-day stops: 191
Fuel stops: 37
Stops for rest due to fatigue: 2
Highest-priced gas: Patriot Gas, Leggett, CA ($3.309/gal)
Lowest-priced gas: Phillips 66, Kingdom City, MO ($2.299/gal)

Highest priced lodging: The Brown Hotel (Louisville)
Lowest priced lodging: Motel 6 (Kansas City)
Best value lodging: Quality Suites (Windsor)
Favorite lodging: The Hotel Minneapolis (Minneapolis)

U. S. states visited: 26
Canadian provinces visited: 1
Most time in one state: 149:04 (California)
Least time in one state: 0:38 (Arizona)
Complete list of time in each state/province

Dinner stops at breweries: 6 (Morgan Street, St. Louis; Wynkoop, Denver; Lost Coast, Eureka; Pyramid, Seattle; Rock Bottom, Minneapolis; Great Dane, Madison.)
Other local beers consumed: 5 (Anchor Steam, San Francisco; Red Hook, Seattle; Moose Drool, Missoula; Ithaca Partly Sunny, Ithaca; Harpoon IPA, Boston.)

Parking tickets: 0
Speeding tickets: 0
Times pulled over by law enforcement: 0

Upon arriving home, I was pleasantly surprised to find three checks awaiting me, combining for nearly $725. I also received in the mail some important paperwork from the Navy. It arrived exactly as I expected, meaning there would be some work to do on that ahead. But that could wait until Monday; in fact, given that it was already Sunday night, it would have to wait.

1 "Q" is the nautical designation for "UTC-04:00", or Eastern Daylight Time.
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