Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

My few thoughts of the day

On Friday, I bought "The State" on DVD. It was a long time coming, and worth every dollar I spent on it. The timing was opportune as well; given a choice between season one of "The State" and Friday evening's Mets-Braves gave, I chose the former. Given the result of the game (an 11-0 Atlanta win) it was the right decision. A fun fact: Barry and Levon's $240 investment would result in a pile of puddin' 32% smaller than the one they bought in 1993.

Earlier this week, I bought "The Accidental Billionaires," a telling of the founding of Facebook and it's founder's rise to stardom and riches. Really good. I had known about some parts of the story, thanks primarily to IvyGate, but Ben Mezrich does an amazing job of weaving the tales of all the players together. It's an inside look at an little-known side of well-known1 Harvard. Despite being unable to access Mark Zuckerberg himself, the author paints a beautifully descriptive picture of both his actions and his emotions as he morphs from campus unknown to Silicon Valley superstar.

I was SO rooting for Tom Watson to win The Open Championship. He had it on his putter but couldn't sink the winning shot. I knew from the moment he struck that putt that it wasn't going in. But even before that, I had a feeling; throughout the course of today's play, nobody could seem to take the tournament by the horns and really put it away; not Fisher, not Westwood, and in the end, not Old Tom. All credit to both men in the playoff though. Stewart Cink is a most deserving champion, holing that birdie on the 72nd and two-under over the extra holes.

I have officially written off the Mets after they dropped three of four in Atlanta this weekend. Oh, and did I mention they lost another starting pitcher to injury? I will now proceed deep into analysis of the Giants' 2009 schedule.

[Edit, 12:12 am 20 July: I didn't watch the ESPYs tonight. I've never been a fan of the show, but this one had an extra twist; I wasn't too keen on seeing Erin Andrews. Yes, I know the show was taped before all of that happened, but still. ]

1 And in the case of this blogger, not-well-liked.
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