Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

Quite gross...but quite funny.

"Conversation" between Daisy and Tucker on Twitter:

Daisy: Oh my god WHERE IS MY WEALTHY HUSBAND ALREADY?!!!!!!! (And by "husband," I mean "anonymous donor.")
Tucker: @daisysf Anonymous donor? You need some sperm? I can fire some over.
Daisy: @tuckermax Pretty sure that would defy the whole "anonymous" thing; however, if your sperm comes with $100 bills attached, sign me up.
Tucker: @daisysf So you only want my sperm if I also give you $200? Isn't there a word for that?
Daisy: @TuckerMax There IS a word for that. In your case, I think it's called a bargain. Also, silly me for assuming your sperm count was higher.
Tucker: @daisysf Hey now--sperm count and what I'm willing to pay to shoot it in you are VERY different numbers. Milk, cow, free, etc.

These two should be in San Diego, because they clearly both know how to stay classy.

Tucker's web presence, posted here for at least the 30th time: | I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell | Rudius Media
Daisy's web presence, posted here for the first time: oopsie daisy | A dollop of daisy
My question: Was "driving miss daisy" taken? Somehow, it just seems appropriate.
Tags: insanity, nauseating detail, sex, tucker max, women

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