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So, Twitter was down for a few hours on Thursday. No big deal, right? Apparently, to some, it was quite a big deal. "Jittery" ? "Naked" ? Like losing a phantom limb? As I myself tweeted, if this is how you're reacting to this sort of thing, you need to evaluate your life and your dependence on the social media. Send a regular e-mail or two, or - God forbid - use the "call" function on your phone.

The death of Billy Mays may have involved cocaine. I am NOT surprised.

What does surprise me is the public reaction of Daniel Schuler to the toxicology report on his wife's death. (She was the driver in the deadly crash on the Taconic Parkway two weeks ago.) Her blood alcohol level was 0.19! She had marijuana in her system! A vodka bottle was recovered from her car! I cannot fathom what he must be going through right now, losing his wife, daughter, and three nieces. But to step in front of the cameras of every major and minor New York media outlet and essentially accuse the Westchester County medical examiner of malpractice, without any supporting evidence, is beyond the pale.

At Hofstra on Tuesday, there was a massive turnout in support of the proposed Lighthouse Project, at a Town of Hempstead public hearing on the topic. Great to see. Even the commissioner of the National Hockey League showed up, and pleaded for the replacement of Nassau Coliseum. This thing needs to get built. It will create needed jobs, retail and housing options for Long Island, to say nothing of quite possibly preventing the Islanders from becoming the Kansas City (insert shitty nickname here). The Governor is behind it. Nassau County is behind it. The objections seem to come mainly from Garden City, and are not totally without merit. And personally, I think some way to spread all the additional property tax revenue among the surrounding school districts should be explored (instead of it all going to Uniondale). But NIMBYism is having a negative impact on Long Island's ability to seriously tackle the major problems it faces.
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