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Two glorious examples of government folly!

First, "I (could have) told you so" - the front page story in today's Newsday saying that many Long Island dealerships have temporarily withdrawn from the Car Allowance Rebate System (aka "cash for clunkers"). They're dissatisfied because - get this - their payments are being delayed! And the dealers have to sit with these "receivables" on their books - the program prohibits them from putting in for the reimbursement until the consumer drives away in his or her new car. The Federal government being slow to disburse money and respond to customers? Anyone shocked by this might want to have their head examined. Someone please remind me again why we're even considering giving more control over our health to these fools.

Number two is filed under "oh, sweet irony." Five years ago, Massachusetts changed its law to prohibit its Governor from making temporary appointments to the United States Senate. Under the new statute, the seat would remain vacant for about five months until a special election. There's a plausible argument that this change was effected to prevent Mitt Romney from appointing a Republican to replace John Kerry, had the latter been elected President. Well, now the tables have turned. Ted Kennedy has brain cancer, and he has petitioned the Governor and General Court of the Bay State to change the law to allow a gubernatorial appointment. The urgency, of course, stems from the fact that without Kennedy, the Democrat caucus doesn't have the sixty votes needed to break a filibuster. The lesson: be careful when you pass a law, because it may will probably come back to bite you in the ass...
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