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Random chance humor...

...strongly suggests that returning to college was clearly the right course of action.

I've got the TV on mute right now, because The Daily Show is a rerun. I look over as it's in commercial, and notice a commercial for the upcoming film Sorority Row. It's a horror movie, so I have no interest in actually seeing it. It grabbed my attention by leading me to wonder if simply casting a passel of young, hot women is enough of a draw to generate some revenue at the box office. The hook was enough to lead me to search the movie on Wikipedia, where I saw the words "fun-filled" linked. A bit surprising. Where does that link go? As soon as I put the cursor above it, I laughed at the answer:

The link for "cheating" a few lines down goes to the same place. And those links have been there for several days. And if you're going to off one of a seven-hot-girl ensemble, why choose the most famous one (Audrina from The Hills)?

It's really too bad I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell doesn't open until two weeks after Sorority Row; I suspect the former would easily crush the latter in a head-to-head battle.
Tags: college take two, sex, tucker max, women

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