Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
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I know that deriving humor from another's disease is a practice of questionable morality. But you have got to see "Tourette's Guy". Here's a sample:

Part 1 and Part 2 of the "best of Tourette's Guy."

Random musing on music #1: I have recently become captivated by Miley Cyrus's latest song, "Party In The USA." It's yet another example of how something catchy can hold my attention, however short a span that may be. There's not really anything original about the music, and the lyrics may as well have been written by Taking Back Sunday. A new city feels weird, but hearing familiar music calms me down and reassures me. That's the entire song, condensed to one sentence. This is not an idea that requires backup dancers, a giant flag, confetti, a swing set in a globe-shaped cage, and large-scale electronics to be conveyed. The video does, however, serve a purpose: it explains just what it means to nod one's head or move one's hips "like yeah."

Random musing about music #2: I missed Lady Gaga's performance on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, but have seen the video of the two sets. The second one is simply befuddling. Of course, there's the obvious: she's got some five-ringed gyroscope-type contraption attached to her. She can barely move in the thing, and it's not totally compatible with her attempts to play the piano. But let's leave that aside for a minute. She's giving a performance IN HER UNDERWEAR! Well, her underwear...and knee-high stiletto boots. How does this add to the musical performance? For a contrast, take a look at this video from January 2006. Yes, that's the same woman.

Since the Mets' season has been dead since around my birthday, I'm behind the Twins against the Yankees. The Bronx Bombers seem like the favorites in the postseason, but we all know that annual deal Alex Rodriguez makes with the Devil expires on the last day of the regular season. With this in mind, the Phillies might be a good bet to repeat. Of course, between hockey and basketball, there's no reason I should have to recall the disaster that was the preceding Mets season. The Islanders played well on Saturday night, and got a 3-3 tie with lost 4-3 to the Penguins in a shootout. It's a good thing I'm not expecting them to make the playoffs or anything this year. And the Giants are 4-0 and looking like the class of the NFL - but they are in the middle of a spell of patsies in their schedule. Oakland this week shouldn't pose much of a challenge, but if the G-Men can avoid the same fate as the Jets (that is, avoid losing to the Saints) their place atop the league will be a lot more secure.
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